Permablitzes involve the planting of edible fruit & nut trees and organic gardens.

Permablitzes are on the front-lines of food security, rapidly transforming yards into edible spaces.

The most direct form of support for urban agriculture and food security.

Permablitzes build more than just gardens – they build community around collective action.

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Permablitz (noun): The rapid transformation of under-utilized space into organic food production, usually in the form of perennial trees, shrubs & herbs. This is achieved through an informal gathering of permaculture designers, organic gardening enthusiasts, or other interested individuals on a scheduled day.

The Goals of Permablitz

Create edible gardens where someone lives.

Promote Permaculture Design as a practical inter-disciplinary study.

Share skills related to permaculture and sustainable living.

Make Permaculture Design principles accessible to people of all income & skills levels.

Build community networks.

Have fun outside.

Permablitzes are free for volunteers & open to the public. Food is often shared, work gets done and people have a great time.

To be defined as a ‘permablitz’ each event must also be preceded by a permaculture design by a designer with a Permaculture Design Certificate.  The network runs on reciprocity, and in order to qualify for a permablitz you need to attend THREE previous permablitzes.